Omg! the new iphone editor is epic!



So I just got the 3.1.0 update on my iPhone, and I have to say, THE NEW IPHONE EDITOR IS AMAZING!! Take a look at it here:

Also, Luna's back! my dogs loves her!


Who? And what it works good on the phone!?! Yaaaa!


so cute


My new cat. I talked about her in another topic!


:heart_eyes: OMG SHE'S SO CUTE!!! What's the name of the topic???? I need to see the topic!!!


So cute can breath help so cute so cute!!!


(It's not really based on the cat)


I dont have an iphone, but most people are mad at the ipad update.

The iphone is most likey really good because the new one looks like a port of an iphone app.

I hate that people wont get the app because of the new editor, kind of like me :<



Wait, I haven't checked the iPad update. What's so bad about it?


its the iphone app on the ipad pretty much. Its not as good on a larger screen.


OMG You can breath??? Somebody call an ambulance! She can breath, this is an emergency!!!

XD I think you meant to say you "can't breath" right?


-only portrait mode
-wanky editor
-weird editor
-slow editor
-did I say editor?


Oh course I meant can't breath. (Face palms and shakes head)