OMG OMG OMG ! Yay I did it


I just got regular! I've been waiting forever I got it 11 hours ago I didn't even know



Nice job! It's going to be a while for me to gent regular, I'm only basic.


Congrats!!!!!!!!! Lucky!!!




I thought I would get regular after 100 days, then it turns out it was only 50, so I had been waiting so long and I was getting really, really upset because regualr meant so, so, so so much to me.
So Congrats @emojiarts!!!


YAAAY! Congrats EmojiArts! :smile:


Woah that is AMAZING!!!!


YES I didn't even know I had my regular,ad badge!




Why did u make that post wiki??!


I have 466 views and u have 459!!
We almost have the same number of views!


Congratulations! Great job!


You joined 2 days ago!


Exactly. I have a long time till regular.




I know how exiting getting regular is!
Am I the only one who screamed when I got regular?


Candy DO u know what a Rubix cube is?


Yes I do...

It's a cube with lots of squares on it in diffrent colours me Flossy or CC​:ribbon:


Give me a color side to solve i can solve any color side


@CandyflossClouds give me a color side to solve