OMG my game has 999 plays!



Hi guys, it's me FutureAwesome and today I have a topic I hope you will like!

So, I joined hopscotch 1 week ago and for my second project I made a trail art game. It's has only been published for 20h and has 999 plays! So, I want to thank,

Thanks to....

@Zachyswag and @KVJ for believing and supporting me

I hope that I can get more likes on the game to get it to featured, trending, or rising. I would like @Zachyswag to be the 1,000th player! If anyone else would like to play the game tap this link--->
This poll,is if you played the game:
Did you like my trail art technique?

  • Yes!
  • No, it needs some work but you just started!


Votes are public.

. Do you want to see more?

  • Yes! It was awesome, you are a great beginner!
  • No, it needs a lot of improvement!


Votes are public.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Until later,


First like and reply!

I had to. Just this once.


Did you play it? I know a lot of people have so far!


Yes. I really liked it!

I took the polls.


@Catface4 Thanks so much! I just started and I freaked out in eight hours I had 500 plays but know 1007! If I get more likes I could be on featured!


I just liked it!


Lol, thanks you that helps!


That's awesome!

However, it may be someone spam playing the game- that is, entering and exiting the project a lot. I think that's the case, since it doesn't have near that many likes. :D


@Gilbert189 I know your trying to help, but sometimes you contribute things that can be offensive. Also, you don't have to have a lot of likes just to play a trail art game.


What about that was offensive?

I'm just saying it looks like it was played a lot by one person. :slight_smile:


Because you said "it doesn't have nearly as much likes as plays" It was just for fun for me and everyone, it doesn't have to be big I just thought it was cool.


That's kinda offensive, and I don't think it was very nice or appropriate so I have flagged it.


I wasn't meaning that, I was meaning that it just looked like it had been because it had tons of plays and less likes.

I don't really get what's offensive.



Sorry I still flagged, please think about what your going to stay before you post and LGBOT.


I don't think that was a very kind thing to say. ;-;

@Gilbert189 was just kindly stating his opinion/thought. :slight_smile:

If it makes you two feel better to apologize, then let's do it! :D


When you sent me that link to the game, was I the 1000th player?


Sorry @gilbert189 I'm super sorry I was just overwhelmed. Thanks, @Kiwicute2016 you always help. And yes, @Zachyswag


YAY!!!! Oh yeah, we can't go to private chat rooms, so I will share the password through drafts then say if you got them in the forum. I'll explain it tomorrow! :smirk:


But the prob is what draft I can't go in your account!


I post the drat for the password only, then no one knows the account name! Next, since you already know the account name, you just login with that useraname and password and bam! Your in!