Omg my first trending!



Omg guys I'm soooooo happy!! Thank you guys sooooooo much! I feel so happy and mere words can't describe how I feel right now.
This is the biggest amount of likes I've ever gotten on a project and I only publsihed this two days ago! I got many remixes!
Even more likes than my bubble tap game, help the nerd, and which Harry Potter character are you quiz!!

I'd like to give some prizes away in a contest now!! How about I make a contest and whoever wins gets a free quiz and a shoutout on Hopscotch? Sounds fair! Nevertheless, I want an unpopular forumer.
The contest is that you have to come up with a project on what you think describes me with text art or leave a trail. The closest person gets the prize!!
Now some acknowledgements.

AwesomeMarioBros on Scratch

I know this dude in real life in and he's a coding master. He introduced me to coding!


All of the Harry Potter fans helped me through here by encouraging me to keep loving Harry Potter!! You guys are AWESOME!


You made the best quiz in the world on Hopscotch, and it inspired me to make my own quizzes!


When you said you were making a big Aptitude Test, I decided to make the Harry Potter quiz and that started my passion and hobby for making personality quizzes!! If you never made the Aptitude Test, I never would have gotten on Trending!


You knew this was coming. You've always told me I could do it and you've supported me and you've always said I was awesome. You're the bomb!


You're one of the greatest Hopscotchers I've ever known. You've inspired me to do so many things I've never done before and you've been my best friend forever on Hopscotch. I'll never, ever, EVER forget you.


Okay, we may have had some rough starts and times, but you've inspired me to do so many styles of art and I loved them all! You're a big inspiration to me.


My new style has gotten tones of likes because I used the Chibi eyes you did on Paper 53 once.


You've given me great jokes and my friends can't tell any of them! Even though you're a troll you're so cool!


You've ALWAYS supported me and Ben nice. You're a THT member and the world would never be the same without Y-O-U!!!!!!!!
Now some minor ackowledgements.
@codelife (don't ask)
@giraffedolphin26 (okay I shouldn't put you in the majors)
@sparkczy (omg I should have put this girl in major)

Thank you guys SOOOO much and I feel out wanna join the contest just say so!

Happy Easter from Potter Productions!

p.s. Potato


YAY awesome job ;D

Ive currently got 2 projects on trending ;D



Wow! Amazing @friendship2468!! This project really deserved it!! :smiley:


Thank you so much! Can you believe how many plays it got?! Good lord Voldemort!


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you right now, it must be a huge accomplishment.


I'm dying again it has 61 likes!! Good lord!


As soon as I get my i-pad i am liking it! (and playing it!)


I'm gonna mail to the hopscotch team I'm so happy!! If I can find stamps, that is...


^autocorrect did this but it accurately describes how I feel so I'll keep it :stuck_out_tongue:
You totally deserve this! The Easter quiz was awesome!


Great job! Where is it in trending? Like, what place? I can't seem to find it!



I'm glad you got your first trending, though I believe I saw a few before this one!


I just noticed your awesome title! :smile:

Also, general doc (Salutes)?


Really? What were they? I think one was, say, my HP quiz.


I can't quite remember, but I think I saw them!


Scroll down a couple of projects... It's next to noname oc by isnbn.


Is it near the top? I can't find it!


Congratulations! You deserved it! :D


Awesome! I suggest you make a Sorting House quiz! (no one can take that idea unless you are @friendship2468)


No, it's a couple projects down. Just keep scrolling. It's somewhere near botanistgirl's project...


Found it! It's a while down, but I found it!

Great work!