OMG... My 7th featured! + some info



YAY!!! Thank you world for my seventh feature!!!

Also, I'm back on the forum! XD

Again, thanks!!! :smiley:

Fren tag list:


I went leike:



AWESOME!!1! Congratulations! :DD

Welcome back to the forum, DMF! I missed you so much, I'm really glad you're back. ;u;


Congratulations! :D

Also, welcome back to the forum! :D


Thanks @StarryDream, @Mathgirl and @SmilingSnowflakes! ;u;


Same! :D
DMF is my senpai


@SmilingSnowflakes, @StarryDream and @Mathgirl are my senpai


good job, fren! u deserve it!

that many features?! how bout u give one to me XD


Yaaay your back!

Congrats on your seventh featured!


Yay !! Welcome back sepani no.1 !!!!!

You totally deserve your featured!!!



in my heart

WoW WoW WoW WoW WoW thx for coming back fren


Congrats! You have so many features now xD


YAAAAY I'm so glad that you are back!

also thanks for the follow on VVV-CCCB


And welcome back!


Great job! Your coding is amazing, and welcome back!


Congratulations! Wow... your coding is really awesome to have 7 features. :0


Thanks @Maltese, @Candycane, @DinoProductions, @PandaBlossom, @Hermione, @lollypopcorn, @VanillaBlossom!!! :D


u are welcome !!!!


Great Job!

You totally deserve it!

Your projects are AMAZING!!


Missed you @DMF! Glad your back! And also, amazing pixel art! Are the colors the preset ones, or are they HSB, and, if so, what is their HSB?