OMG I MIGHT ACTUALLY SEE THT! (But in a long time)


OMG YASSSSSS!!!!!!! If you saw my general topic, you might have seen that my mom said maybe to me going to New York for my birthday to see THT!!!!! Sure, my birthdays not until August next year, but that gives me time to plan everything out!

I MIGHT ACTUALLY GO SEE THEM IN A... little less than a year...

I got some time to wait...

I actually haven't emailed anything to THT about it yet because my mom said "Most likely". That doesn't mean yes

If I went to HSHQ, what would I do there?

Wow... I CAN'T WAIT TO GO!!!!


What questions should I ask them if I go


You're so lucky! That sounds amazing!

Maybe ask them "what inspired you to make Hopscotch?"


Ok I'll ask them that! Also, I'm not so lucky. I think I'm actually paying for the flight for 2 adults and 1 child...

$60 out of $830 saved!

I got time

I really hope my parents end up paying! That's a lot of money!


Gude luck!
And have fun in New York!


I am so happy for you! Very glad you may get to see them. Tell them us true Hopscotch supporters say hi!


Ur sooo lucky!
I would do anything to go to THTHQ!!!


Oh yeah, I see you're new! Welcome to the forum!



I've actually been on here before :slight_smile: as @Unicorn

Thanks though! :yum:


I'm still not even sure if I'm going, but most likely! If I can get the money myself, I'd be so proud of myself to do that!


Oh, well, welcome again!




Should I use the OMTL? I feel like I shouldn't cuz people will get mad for tagging them.


Ask them do you hate Murphy lol


I'm not gonna ask that! I don't like asking stuff like that!

You were joking, right?


Yeah XD but they do hate me right @liza


Why is the bottom blurred?


Wait she said mabye and you said might what if you don't go?


Then I made a waste of a topic, but she said most likely.