Omg I got featured YAYAYAYAYAYAY


Thank u so much everyone who helped me get featured. This is my first time getting featured. I will make a list tagging everyone who helped! Thanks for everybody who is a fan/follower/likes! This is an amazing experience and I almost dropped the iPad on the floor lolololol!




First, congrats!! Second, don't drop your iPad on the floor. That would be bad. :blush:


Coonnnnnnngrats! It was a really cool game! I must play it again soon.


Thanks to...

I would list everyone in the actual hopscotch, but I'd be here for an hour!


But still...


I saw it! Congrats! :D


Congratulations on the feature!!!!!!!


Congrats @thebluewombat81!! Its an amazing project!! It really deserves the feature!!!


Wow. Your game is really great and fun to play.
You put allot of work into it.


This is weird I was just playing it 5-6 hrs ago and now u mention it good to know it ur game I love it


Thank you so much for all of the congrats! U guys r awesome!


Great game! Congratulations.


Congratulations!! That's awesome!


There are lots above but:

Also, I had a similar reaction when I got Featured! But you deserved it!


Ikr? Even if I did drop the iPad, it has a Griffin Survivor case on it, AND THAT THING IS INVINCIBLE!



Just saying


I have an Otterbox case, and I drop it all the time, and it doesn't break. THANK YOU OTTERBOX!!


Lol, both good brands