Omg 😲 I can't believe it


I'm followed by bluedogmc


CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


I think it's because I answered the riddle. Do u think I should delete that project so that copy cats can't copy?


Yes, definitely. I HATE when ppl copy my work.
Oh ya, congrats btw!!


Could you post this in a general topic? We don't want to spam the forum-if every hop made a post when someone followed them, the forum would get spammed. :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:




Sorry I don't know how. Do I comment?


Hey um.. Kay kat. Could you follow my sister? She is jelly that bluedogmc followed me, so I want someone that she loves to follow her


Congrats! Lol

I followed u because of the riddle, and because I like your account. You make and remix cool stuff!


I could also follow your sister if you want

Thanks for liking me I guess? Lol



Pretty much all the forumers follow each other, so I don't know how that's much of a celebration...


Your cool. Hers my sis account. I can't tell you her username because she changes it too often


I can't seem to find her account.


Wow, what an amazing achievement! Congratulations!
I'm sure @bluedogmc-official is happy that you care so much about him/her!


Yah, I am!


Awesomeness! Hey, I know this is off-topic but is it okay if I make a GT for the both of us? You are awesome!


I'll take that as a yes @bluedogmc-official


sorry, I don't really need another general topic. We can talk in mine or yours tho!


I was talking to you. I'm gonna make a new GT right now after a fill something out. I will tag you as my friend :slight_smile:


Ok! I'll see you there then.