Omg how did funky do this



So funky63 made a project with text, then if you check the code there is no text? How? Does anyone know? Here's the link: funky63 secret text thing.


Maybe there's a blank text (space) and he had a shrink or some kinds block in it


I haven't looked in the code because I'm on a computer, but like F4LO said, just type a space and use a Set Text block


:wink:It's just a space!:wink:


Or maybe he did set position and hid the text


A magical space of space-y-ness


Only the soundless fox knows.......


That's the secret...
I think it would be best if we just let it be a secret.
How would you feel if you came up with an awesome coding trick that only you knew how to do and someone exposed it?


I says ask on the forum for how he did it sooo...


Ya but look at the code. There is no text and if you click on where the text would be it doesn't come up with the rule thing sphere it says add rule or shows the rules
. Ps. Do you know funkys forum name so I can invite him?


Do u know his forum username?


@Funky_63_Greenland, but he hasn't been seen since Jan. 19th...


K I tried to invite him.


You can see it if you make a new rule for when tapped. It's a blank space.:wink:


I know. I was interested and wanted to know how he did it. Not trying to be rude I just want to know.:smiley::pizza:


@Funky63 or @Funky_63_Greenland


Oh. Thanks. Sry, I guess I didn't check the code thoroughly enough. Thanks everyone


I know why. In the code, he hid it in the corners so you can't get it out or you can not see it. When he did that, he probally did the code first. Am I right Funky??


Actually, I did that in my last project, for the made by: part