Omg game changers actually got updated this time. 15 new projects on game changers!





It’s ok
I’m glad you got game changers and everyone else :blush:


Thank you so much! :grinning:


Your welcome
I wonder if some day my featured balloon draw would ever be on game changers


Thank you!! :DDDD
I’m pretty sure game changers isn’t automatic ;)


I am pretty sure about that too, but if you look at the newest added projects, I think that when I last checked Game Changers when I saw this topic, they had about the same amount of people that played the projects and some projects even had about the same amount of likes, so it could be automatic, but I don’t think so.


My younger brother created the Super Mario Maker app! It’s super exciting that he was put on!


Congratulations to him!


My color piano is on Game Changers! :open_mouth: Thanks Hopscotch team!

And to thanks everyone who played the game and who congratulated me here. This means a lot to me.




Congratulations! I really like that project, it totally deserves Game Changers.


Game changers was updated again I think