Omg game changers actually got updated this time. 15 new projects on game changers!



Awesome! I hope you get there, that’s all I need too :DDDD


Yehhhh… what’s rising worthy? Lol


UPDATE, THE HOPSCOTCH FORUM NOW SHOWS ‘READ TIME’ when you click someone’s name (not in profile but looking at quick summary)


Nice job everyone…I’ve never played some of those projects…


Well, I guess I also need starter projects XP
And maybe something that’s almost good enough for featured ;D


Yeh. Got to go be back later! :slight_smile: Today’s a good day!!!


Yeah!! :DDD Good luck with getting rising (^-^)
Also, see you later ;D


Haha smack crack boom! What an amazing idea!


I’m back, and good luck to you too! :DDD


What are going to try and get rising!


We? Who? What? Um ok. Grammar


Thank you!! :D


Time to finish homework xD


Congrats guys!!!

finally @dmf


My iPad screen nearly fracked lol.

A very Congratulations to everyone who made it, these projects are nothing but amazing and are totally worthy, this is a great achievement to you all.

If you didn’t get game changers do not worry, next time :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! You deserved it!

Deep sleep dream? XD


Great job on the pixel pad :+1:t3:

It kinda is a weird feeling after looking at game changers every day for 1 year.


Yeh, that’s what I have been doing everyday… just waiting… until BOOM tons of new Game Changers out of nowhere!


Exactly 13 months after my first featured project, I got my first game changers! Wow


Good luck with your homework XD