Omg game changers actually got updated this time. 15 new projects on game changers!



I would have rather have my Impossible quiz on GC then that pixel art pad of mine, but… I accidentally unpublished my Impossible quiz so… RIP


No you are not. Don’t say that. And yes it did get game changers


Maybe it was to ‘impossible’ so it wasn’t really fun…

No offence please…


Thank you so much!! (^-^)


Do you think THT will start adding game changers more? Or is this some kind of random occurrence


None taken XD. Too impossible… no not impossible enough lol


Random occurrence or they might update it every 6months :0


Yes I am Thank you!!! :DDD


It’s very good, but I think it could be even better. You should add different styles of faves, hairstyles and shirt designs


Thanks… I know I can do better but what???


Every 6 months will be ehh good I guess. But if they did like 6 every 6 months I don’t think I would like that. Maybe one a month, nooo… idk XD
*walks away slowly


Sorry @Dylan329 do you what me to move this conversation to my general topic?


No, it’s fine. XD keep talking here, I don’t care lol


What do you think I should add to improve this?


A choice of background.


I think it would be nice if they just updated it whenever they found a worthy project (^-^)


Yeh I agrees. Btw, I love that magic color box project.


Wow, now the only category I need is Rising :scream:

Even though I never used some of the # categories.

And you can’t get on Levels (obviously) and Featured Challenges (which they haven’t done in a while)


Yes that would be a good time to update