Omg game changers actually got updated this time. 15 new projects on game changers!



Title says it all. OMG I got game changers along with so many others!

Game Changers Pictures!

Congrats on game changers:
@MR.GAM3R (2nd game changers)
@44D3A7HQ (no forum account)


Woah… congratulations!!

@Dylan329 @CreationsOfaNoob @lollypopcorn @MR.GAM3R @BlastFusion @Jedi4Jesus @Madi_Hopscotch_ @dmf


Whut XD
If the Hopscotch Team put one of my projects on there then they are officially blind


Wow, this is awesome! Congratulations

And thanks @Dolphin_coders!


Woah I didn’t really realise that all those people had tags…

How long did you spend on your game?


Yeah the ‘daisy the dinosaur’ one


Congrats on 2 game changers!


Who’s game are you talking about


Uhh… anyone… but congratulations Dylan!


I just casually looked at Game Changers, and saw a ton of new projects, and thought I either clicked on the wrong tab, or there was a glitch, but no… Game changers really got updated!


TYSM! Don’t know why that specific project got picked but okay XD


I thought you were lying for a second… for clickbait when I first saw this


Yeh… guess I kind of played myself with the earlier clickbait.

Thought people wouldn’t believe me XD


Thanks! :smiley: I personally didn’t think Game of Life was worthy. Your pixel art pad is great though!


What do you think the hopscotch values as ‘game changer’


Personally I didn’t think that version of my pixel art pad was even close to worthy compared to other things!


Something new or something very unique that Hopscotch hasn’t seen before, or something that is rarely seen. Idk



Really? My project got on game changers?
But I’m so bad at coding XD


Well does that mean this could be game changers worthy? tell me honestly
I mean it’s got over 35 000 views

  • I think you could make it even better!!
  • Hmmm yeah no
  • Yes

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