Omg delicious-hamburger edited the omtl again!


GUYS @delicious-hamburger edited the OMTL again!!!!!!!!




Also, I know how to fix this!!

We need to drop @Delicious-Hamburger's Member rank and prevent him/her from getting it so this doesn't happen again!

Edit: I reedited it.



THIS IS NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

really, it isn't!


tysm @Rawrbear for fixing it lol


Y'all take deep breaths.

Don't give them attention that's what they want ignore!

Move on


Stop being rude please

Can we just be nice




I am sorry if I sound rude


Ignore. Trying to get attention


You didn't sound rude lol


I know that you are trying to fix the problem, @Fried-Chicken, but it's best not to draw attention to this problem.


@Delicious-Hamburger can you please stop being rude


@Delicious-Hamburger Please stop being rude to everyone. I saw that you tagged me and said I should di.e. Thanks for the compliment!

But seriously, please stop



They suspended @Delicious-Hamburger!

But I feel bad for @JaggedJeans who created the account.. (i think)


HappyDolphin here on @Jess888fan..



what intense hate!!!

I'm so happy @Delicious-hamburger was suspended



Pardon my swag!


That's SOO true!


Hey I found out that you get a lot of hate
I wonder why


Where's your off button?


You might actually get respect if it wasn't for that hole in your mouth that noise comes out of