OMG CLOUDS AND RANIBOWZZZZ☁🌈 CoolBubbl56591095975795’s VEREE GENERAL TOPIK ! NUMBR;;)TWO HUDREEDSIXTY FIV plz!,come heere we hav donuTZ!🍩K BYe k hELLO😜



I don’t think it looks scary
It’s good


Ü Ummmmmmmmmmlaaaaauuuuut


Heeellllpppp mmmeeeee someone my headache is killing me!!!


Well that’s unfortunate sorry m8


Yeah… :confused:


Hello people! @HopedHoper created such an awesome contest named “Hoplympics 2017”. Here’s the link, please check it out:

Please tell me if you want to join my (Australian) team, bye!



I wrote an olympiad (French olympiad, ahem ahem @glam_unicorn) a few minutes ago, then we were joking and laughing after which teacher got mad at us and we were kicked out. And we ran to my home… I’ll remember those moments forever :heart_eyes_cat:


(ahem, those. Past tense bro)


Agrh why is English so hard


I don’t know. It’s the only language I know and I have trouble using perfect grammar.


Why is English so hard.

I just love correcting other people =D


AaaAAaAAAAAaaaaAAaaaaa (a complete sentence)


I only correct people if they make a huge mistake, like saying ‘legos’ as the plural of ‘Lego’.


breaks iPad


It’s not a complete sentence because there is no period/ full stop.


Don’t. It’s really easy, I accidentally sat on my mom’s iPad 2.




​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​… Wow.


@glam_unicorn @Petrichor I see your language has… well… some really weird parts, such as your grammar…


Improper use of ellipsis.