Ombré Or Gradient Backgrounds


You can make smooth two-color gradient or ombré backgrounds to use for your games and projects. #design-colors-sound #help

Gradient backgrounds are made by drawing thin lines of alternating color repeatedly.

(Note: Increasing the X position by 0.5 units results in the smoothest color transition. The object’s X position actually becomes rounded off.)

Here is the result of the code. (Note which color appears on the top vs. the bottom.)


Cool tutorial! There are many new faster ways to make this, but it’s great for beginners.


Looks like a great tutorial!
What’s an ombré background though…?


This has been a classic trick used among many people for years. You can also make a faster drawing one with my “Smooth BG Generator” that doesn’t get messed up by picture compression.


Ombré means a colour that is dark to light or light to dark.


Cool tutorial and well done! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Thank you for the nice comments you’ve been giving me!


You deserve them. I say the same, because you’ve also been saying so much nice things to both me and other users on here as well! :slight_smile:


You too! You’re an amazing person and so kind! :slight_smile: