Olympics Project Ideas!



Hai Hopscotchers!

So, as you probably know, the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro is underway! :D

And I thought, What better way to celebrate than make a project on Hopscotch?

So, I decided to make a project for it! It'll be the Olympic Rings in the middle, with sports- and Brazilian-themed objects surrounding them. I can't wait to start making it! :D

The problem is, I need ideas for those objects. I want them to be Brazilian- or sports-themed, like a palm tree or a medal or something. You will be given credit, so post your username with it, too. Now, underneath this line, post your ideas!

  • Seashell
  • Gold Medal
  • Soccer Ball
  • Palm tree (Niftynia75)

  • The Olympic Rings!


Pixle art of a medal


Do you like my idea @Sensei_Coder


It was a type o i meant medal


Nice topic! Maybe code an animation of an event!