Olympic team contest


So I know there are many Olympic contests and challenges and stuff but this is different. You are on a team ( country). there will be five countries competing in the olympics because all the other countries pulled out last minute XD

The five countries are:
Great Britian​:flag_gb:
Canada 🇨🇦

So starting as soon as this is posted, u can sign up for the olympics. 11:59pm on August 7th ( Eastern time zone) the sign ups will close. I will then assign everyone to a country randomly.
When the teams are made, I will list all of the events. As a team, u will have to assign one person to compete in each event. If there are 5 kids in each team then there will be 5 events so each person in the team competes only ONCE. Event could be trail art, backgrounds, games etc. From the time I announce the events, you will have two days to complete your submission. Turning in late eliminates you from the competition ( I will post on this topic what time projects have to be turned in by). when you submit the project you should reply to these topic with the link of your project and what event u r competing in.

The four judges and I will judge them. We will give a gold, silver, and bronze for each event. Once everything has been judged, we will tally up the points for each country. The first, second, and third placed country will receive prizes.

Once the teams are picked, we will create a topic for each team to choose who is doing which event. A team captain will be chosen for each team. They are in charge of assigning everyone an event.

Note you only have two days starting when the teams are announced which means you want to announce what event each person has very quickly so u have more time to work on ur project.

If someone is not on when you are announcing events then just give them a event randomly because you want to get started as quickly as possible.

If you want to apply to play in the games then please fill out the form below:
Will you turn your project in on time?
Will you argue about your event if you don't get what you want?
Will you have a positive attitude?
Will you try your hardest?
Will you have good sportsmanship?
Will you try to be on when your captain is assigning events?

It you want to apply for a judge please fill out the form below ( only four judges) no more judges. Sorry:(
Will you judge fairly?
Will you be on when we judge because we only have a certain amount of time?
Will you argue with fellow judges?

The captains are chosen because they are kind and us ( the judges) think they can lead a team. Please don't be mad if you aren't chosen

Judges: ( no more judges)

Total Medals:

Gold: Silver: Bronze:

Great Britian
Gold: Silver: Bronze:

Gold: Silver: Bronze:

Gold: Silver: Bronze:

Gold medal-3 pts
Silver medal- 2 pts
Bronze medal- 1 pt

Olympic team contest judges
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Greetings, again... 😏😆

tag list
Come on guys! Please sign up, it will be loads of fun but we need tons of ppl



Could you guys please help with prizes?

I would really appreciate it. If not than that's ok


Ask them if they could give out titles :scream::scream::scream:


thats probs not happening but I bet the leaders like you more than me so you try tagging them and asking them. Please


uh... Ok.
could one of you guys give out prizes for @Ella_13's contest plz?


Thank you. I apreciate it. If the leaders won't do it then I'll just give our backgrounds and stuff but they won't be as good as leader prizes. This would be the best prizes
Gold- title of your choice, follow from judges, 30 likes on HS from each judge, follow from 4 of the leaders, regular if you don't already have it, gif emoji pic ( of your face)
Silver- follow from all judges, 20 likes on HS from each judge, follow from 2 of the leaders, maybe title of your choice, regular if you don't have it already
Bronze- follow from all judges, 15 likes on HS from each judge, follow from 1 leader, regular if you don't already have it


This is a cool idea! I'll fill out the form!

Will you turn your project in on time? I'll try to! Unless something major comes up, my project will be on time! :wink:
Will you argue about your event if you don't get what you want? No way! If I get something I'm good at, then great! If not, I'll learn! I'm fine with anything!
Will you have a positive attitude? Yep!
Will you try your hardest? Yep!
Will you have good sportsmanship? Yep! Lol
Will you try to be on when your captain is assigning events? Of course!

I love the Olympics, I want to make this just as fun! :smiley:


Thanks!!!!!! Times a bazillion for signing up

Could u please try and help get the leaders to give out prizes? If jot then that's fine. Just wondering


It looks like @happyfacegirl already asked, so I guess we'll wait to see what they say. I'm not a leader, but I could help give out prizes if you want! :slight_smile:


That would be very helpful. Thanks. I will @ you if I need help with prizes


Please sign up guys! We need more ppl so it's fun


Definitely not! I like everyone equally here- I don't play favorites. Each and every one of you guys are amazing and special in your own way. <3

I'll be willing to give out small project prizes, but I can't give out titles (only Moderators can). Sorry!


I can't give out titles, but I'm willing to give out a bronze colored badge to the winner!


Ok that would be great. Any prizes would help actually.
Do u know what small prizes you could give?
Quick Q: if ur a leader then u can basically ask for any title and the mods will give u it?


Sorry but what's that?? Bronze colored badge...?


Great! I can do small trails arts and pixel arts.

Yep! We just ask them. I don't change mine much, though.


Thank you!!!! This means a lot


How do u give pixel art and trail art to ppl as prizes? Do u just copy the link and give it to them? Also, everybody on the team needs to get the same thing. So if there r five ppl on one team then they all get the same pixel art or trail art. Thanks so much for helping out

@Kiwicute2016So you said that you would give the bronze colored badge to the WINNER but there will be multiple winners. If u give ur prize to the team who wins gold, they will probably have multiple kids on the team ( I hope) so would u be willing to give the bronze colored badge to more than one winner? Cause it isn't fair for only one kid on the winning team to get a bronze colored badge

I hope more ppl join