Olympic team contest judges


So this is a topic for the judges of the Olympic team contest to discuss things. Which means like who we think are the winners of the contest and who should be on which team. So I know I can't make you not watch but we would really appreciate if you didn't watch. These are private things for the contest.

you can go to the " Olympic team contest" topic and sign up to compete. We need a lot more ppl to compete or it won't be fun so PLEASE sign up. We only have 3ppl rn.


This is where we can discuss judges things

Olympic team contest----> http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/olympic-team-contest/20919?u=ella_13


we already have some prizes sorted out
@Intellection74 is willing to give out small trail arts and pixel art

@Kiwicute2016 is willing to give bronze colored badges to the winners

Us judges will have to help with prizes also.
Is there anything you are very good at making?

I was think the first placed team can get bronze colored badges

The pixel art and trail art can be spread out between the top three teams but the better pixel art and trail art goes to the gold team



I see that you are liking my posts about the olympicsm. Do u have any interests in joining as a judge or a player.?We need more players though

No pressure in joining. I was just wondering since u were liking all the Olympic posts


Sure! c:
I'll fill out the form right now!


Judges let's try to recruit players. If we only have like 12 players then we will only be able to have like 4 teams not five



I see that ur liking the Olympic posts!!! Do u wanna join and compete? We really need more players and it seems to like u r interested.

No pressure. If u don't want to then that's fine.

And sorry that I'm calling u out. U just seem interested

Same thing to you @Catface4


Nah, I don't really compete in contests because I have other projects I want to do and I wouldn't be that focused on the contest anyways :confused:


Ok, I just saw that now for some reason, sorry!



I see you liking the Olympic posts!! U wanna compete? No pressure. If not that's fine but we need more peeps.


I don't know. The prizes seem great.

I guess I can compete. Can I be a team captain for USA?

I'm sorry. I know I can't choose, but I live in USA, and I'm a batrual leader. XD

I can also give out prized to the winners! c:


So you want me to tell people about this?


Well like just tell ur friends to compete please. If we don't have a lot of kids then there won't be as many events



Is anyone really good at making something? Websites, logos, pixel art,backgrounds?


Oh I can take drawing request for the first place team


I can probably do a small, simple pixel art!


A drawing request from each member of the first place team? Or as a team they decide on a drawing and then they each receive a drawing of the same thing?

You could make one pixel art and give it to all the members of the team. Let's just say u make a palm tree. Then u can give the palm tree to every member of the third place team or something like that . Or will u make individual pixel art for each member of the team?

Keep in mind, each team will have multiple team members


That depends on how many team members there are per team.:smile:


Ok so when we make the teams, you can decide. I'm working on recruiting. And trying to get other leaders to give prizes


And maybe they can choose between trail art and pixel art, because I know how to do both!



Already three leaders have agreed to make prizes

Intellection is making either trail art or pixel art
Kiwicute2016 is giving out bronze colored badges
smilingsnowflake is giving either drawings or pixel art

I know that smilingsnowflake is planning on making indivual pixel arts or drawings for each member of the team and she's doing it for the three winning teams

so we already have a lot of pixel art and drawings. You guys can stick with ur original choices or u can do stuff we don't have a lot of like websites and backgrounds and trail art

Ur choice