Olympic contest thing



You guys take over the contest. I'm done with this. My bros account was suspended because he was "Ella" but he's not. He's Jack. So today pick the five captains. Tag the captains and tell them to choose their players. Once the teams are assigned tell each of the captains all the events. At the end of two days, judge everything. Make sure to confirm that everyone is still doing there prizes. Only three teams win ( gold, silver, bronze) then give the winning teams their prizes


Congrats u got what u wanted. My whole family will leave. And btw since I'm leaving I'll tell u the truth. U suspended the wrong person. I'm really Tyler and Jack is really jack. So does that seem fair to suspend the wrong person? He really wasn't faking being ella. He really was Jack.

And why bother to suspend her while she was in the middle of something? She actually told me that she wasn't gonna try to fight at all which is why she started the competition. But then you chose to suspend her then. She already learned her lesson when a bazillion ppl where telling her how mean she was

If Ella comes back then she's gonna do another competition. Hopefully u won't suspend her again;)

And if u check Ella's profile, it lists her siblings

@Intellection74 ur very kind and an awesome leader
@SmileyAlyssa I've heard all about u from my sis. U are very nice
@judges you guys are all so nice
@people competing in Olympic, please continue to compete and have fun

@friendship2468 Ella asked Jack to type one thing and it was like just a good bye. And how do u know that I don't want another day added to her suspension? It would be even more hilarious. Almost as hilarious as the time I stole her phone and sent some embarrassing texts. She didn't even care

Jack and I were continuing the contest on our own

Ella loves the suspension. She feels special and can focus on running. She also thinks it's hilarious. She just plays xbox the whole time because summer is the only time she has a break from sports except for running. During school days she has something everyday

Well Jack and I won't be continueing in it. The other judges are going to continue it. They will do a awesome idea

How do u get suspended for that long?

Please rephrase it better next time
And no she wasn't communicating through his account. And even if she was, why should jack b punished? What if she snuck on jacks account without him

@friendship2468 please rephrase that a lot nicer

Please check out the comments @friendship2468and @codingCupcake123 made. Are they mean or am i overreacting?

For ppl who thought jack was Ella, how was he supposed to prove it? No photos of ppl


Jack's account was suspended because Ella was telling him to type stuff onto the forum. I don't think you understand that Ella can't be communicating with the forum in any way while she is suspended. Do you want another day added to her suspension? No. So please stop fighting about her suspension because it isn't long.


Leaders, mods?

Look, if you two really aren't Ella, there was still a good reason for the suspension.

No, 2 long messages were sent by Ella.

One is still not allowed. Please, don't be rude about this..?

I like the Olympic idea :slight_smile:


Oh, and I'm glad that the suspension is being useful and fun for Ella! :slight_smile:

That's the point, to help people calm down. :0


No, two long messages were sent by Ella. Also, if you've seen my history on the forum, you'd know I have anger issues so please don't rise the temperature on the boiler.


Hey, PP!

If you start to feel angry put the iPad down! :00

It's what I do.


Ella feels special because she was suspended? Tell her I was suspended longer so I'm more "special" than her. Four weeks.
I don't feel special. I feel awful.


What's wrong? I know it's a silly question :slight_smile:


Well, I guess you guys have different opinions on that! :slight_smile:


Oh uh I got suspended for that long because it was my second suspension and I couldn't control my anger and said some things...
Don't bring it back by asking question, Tyler.


I'm watching the real olympics RN XD

Anyone else? The Chinese divers rock!




I need to get back on topic, don't I?


I believe it's because of the fact that it could've been Ella telling him to type stuff


K, if your whole family is leaving, bye bye.

Jacks account was suspended because she was communicating through it. No, it was not one good bye. It was 2 long letters of @ella_13 complaining.

So she "loves" the suspension. Mkay. If she loves the suspension so much, why does she keep going on and on complaining about it?


This suspension isn't even long, Ella, so please don't complain because it isn't four weeks.



I noticed that on another topic how you said that you sometimes miss rude comments and I think u missed these two. Please check out the most recent comments by @codingCupcake123 and @friendship2468. They were very rude


I think they could've been said in a bit of a nicer way, but your topic wasn't exactly the nicest either. :confused:


Umm i know this is off topic and rude but is your profile pic jacob sutouruist lol i cant spell


You can tell me if you think my comment is offensive. You don't need to go to the leaders and tell them my comment is very rude. Talk to me first next time please.


Yeah it is Jacob Sartorius
Yes you can spell, don't put yourself down