Olympic contest teams


So I ( jack) have no replies left which means I won't be able to update u guys by replying. This is some info that was needed to be updated.

The captain and teams will be announced on this topic



How are the teams picked:
So once we pick the captains we will tag them. We have a order on who picks first. So basically the first captain picks and so on. Except if u pick first in the first round then u pick last in the second round. If u pick last in the first round then u pick first in the second round. When someone is picked then they get removed from a list. If there are extras then we will figure something out but everyone is placed on a team. We will then make a team topic and will tell u all the events. Countries are assigned randomly.

When your team is picked, u r going to be tagged to ur teams topic. On there ur captain will assign events and u can talk strategy and then start. We will tell u the due date later

If ur team wins 1,2 or 3 than ur prizes will be giving to u on ur teams topic. You will find out the prizes later.

Judges, please go on the judges topic and comment who you think the five captains should be and what the events should be.

Contestants, please recruit more. We need a lot of ppl and it is best if the amount of ppl is a multiple of five






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Ok if I'm captain I will scream .Probabky won't be tho :joy::joy:

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I would pick @SmileyAlyssa SmileyAlyssa even if she doesn't want to be on my team THATS TUFF Na joking


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Would u like to participate? captain will be picked shortly


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