Olympic contest judges ( private please)


Hello! So if u aren't a judge for the Olympic contest, PLEASE PLEase don't read the rest of the topic because this is where we will discuss the winners. We want ppl to find out the winners when we tell everyone not by spying on the topic. If u are actually in the contest PLEASE PLEASE don't spy on this because it gives the results away and what's the fun of that

We will make a topic to announce the results

Ok so judges here's the deal. Please go to the project turn in topic ----> http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/olympic-project-turn-in/21215?u=ella_13

First look at all the background projects. Score them and write what u like about them. Make sure to not @ them ( don't tag them) and try to write their country if that is included in their reply. If it's not included in their reply then don't write their country. Then go do that with the other four events ( project related to the Olympics, sins and cos, pixel art, trail art)

Event: background

Gold: bob13 ( Germany)
Why: the different colors were cool and it loaded quickly
Silver: joe99 (USA)
Why: I liked the way he put many backgrounds in one project
Bronze: Sally_72 ( Canada)
Why: it was a really good background that loaded fast

We will then find the events winners by combining all the judges results/opinions then we will find the overall winner

Judges, u have to have this done by 7am est time August 16th
If u don't do it in time then ur opinion won't be a part of the decision


Sorry to intrude :grin:

I didn't read any of it, don't worry, just skimmed to the bottom and I saw you said to have it done by August 15th 7am. That's already past.


Thank you! I meant 16th. My bad. Thanks for correcting me


You're welcome! Glad to help! :D




Can u do the judging thing please?




Project related to the Olympics
Why: I love The pixel guy and the game! Awesome job!
Silver- goobrgrlrye
I like how u include the Olympics and ur team

Bronze- winnig monkey
That was a awesome idea and I loved the guy jumping up and down in the corner XD

This was a very hard category to judge cause they were all so good

Pixel art
Gold: bb box
I liked that u made a big pixel art. I also like the way it was in a circle XD it just looked cooler to me. Awesome job!
Silver- snoopy
I loved the pixel art you made and the background
Bronze- the bestest
I liked what you made. Go Pokemon

I can't decide between bb box and snoopy for gold

Trail art
Gold- sensei coder
Very good job. It made me hungry
Silver- robot pro
Ur trial art was very detailed and great job!
Bronze-melodious coder
very good job for ur first time

Gold- potter head
Each background was really good but having a 4 in 1 was an awesome addition. Great work!
Silver- dreamer girl
I liked how it was flashing and it was a cool background
Bronze- niftynia
It was a very relaxing background. Good job!

Sins and cosines
Gold- smiley Alyssa
I like the loading screen a lot and the floating rings/targets are cool. I love it!
Silver- hapoyfacegirl
It's so cool looking. It gives me like an exciting feeling
It makes a really cool design at the end. Great job!

This is mine. Everyone else please do yours

It's okay to have totally different opinions. We will talks both why we think this and that


I totally agree!
Nothing to argue there for me!


U think the same thing?
I'm not sure whether bb box or snoopy should be gold


Also, I think gold should be worth 5 points, silver 3 points and bronze 1 point

That way, there is less of a chance of there being a tie
Do u think bb box or snoopy should be gold ?


Wow! I agree!


@PerfectPanda24 Should bb box or snoopy get gold?


I honestly think that bb box should get gold! :D


I think snoopy should be gold!


I will judge the projects in a few minutes.


Well, I'm a bad judge. I completely forgot to do it. :frowning: I'm sorry @Sweetlina @Ella_13. Hoeever I will still give prizes


Oh, I'm so sad I forgot... Very sorry to let y'all down:(((