Oldest forum users that are still active today!



I decided to compile a list of the oldest users still active today, because why not?! These are the top users that are still active today. Bots don’t count, but mods do!

By active, I mean you have to have posted at least once, and have been on the forum within the last week :slight_smile:

The List

@Liza - Joined July 16, 2015
@t1_hopscotch - Joined July 24th, 2015
@Rodrigo - Joined July 27th, 2015
@Mathgirl - Joined July 29th, 2015
@BuildASnowman - Joined July 30th, 2015
@CreativeCoder - Joined August 6th, 2015
@Huggingfluffybear - Joined August 6th, 2015
@AHappyCoder - Joined August 6th, 2015
@Fishyguitars - Joined August 6th, 2015
@Explorer_ - Joined August 7th, 2015
@treefrogstudios - Joined August 9th, 2015
@William04GamerA - Joined August 9th, 2015
@HappyDolphin - Joined August 11th, 2015

i need somebody to make this global edit so if you’ve joined between july 16th, 2015 - september 1st, 2015 and meet my requirements you can add yourself, but for now people gotta make do with telling me


currency (I’m pretty sure) was friendship, so they should go on that list


hi i joined the first day and still active


she doesn’t meet the requirements


but she does, it’s the same person


also??? i just don’t count suspended users in???

i’m sorry but i can’t


i don’t count permabanned users in


What if they’re on vacation or something (as it is summer) and they can’t be in the forum because of that?


yes you can

she’s still on the forum


i can’t, i’m sorry, that’s what i say


Thanks for putting me in the list! But maybe you could do a list for people who joined in 2016-2017


Woo, I’m old! XD


I joined in October 2015 so I’m not that old XD


Same here :sunglasses:

My memories for the old forums aren’t very vivid… it was just a lot more strict and there were always these big collabs that would hang around latest instead of general topics (Examples are: Phase Studios, and the Bloodbath Geometry Dash Collab by LotsaPizza) They both got hacked I think, around november/december :unamused:


I joined September 2015 but idk what day
Oops I joined September 20th dang


yeah we’re basically the same age


I joined August 9, 2015. I didn´t use the forum much until last year, but I am active and I created my forum account when the forum was brand new.


Cool list! :slight_smile:


Well dang. I am on here lol I feal old


Am I old enough?