Older hopscotch?!



I know I said I would be on the forum less often, but here is something cool!

Most people want to see what older hopscotch looked like, but, you can! just check The Hopscotch Blog.

here are a few images:


Older hopscotch was bae (not the poop kind)


ya, I wish I can time travel to it :frowning:


The HS characters used to be a big part but now there just like random


I know, it's to bad poop is allowed now. I was on for, like, 2 days on an old account on the old Hopscotch.


I liked the old way alot


I remember that!
Over the years, it has changed a lot.
When I joined, they had about 4 tutorials. I remember tricksters.


Pulls out old photo album
Here we have the Hopscotch of days long gone...
(PS these photos were all taken by me or my friends)


I remember that so well!!


Cool! cri I didn't know how to take screenshots back then ;-;


I never took screenshots back den


This was the really old hopscotch


I know right! It's so awesome how much Hopscotch has improved and changed! Imagine what it will be like in the future! Then they will be looking back at this like woah... :smile:


I'm already looking back at it like..... Woah

I like 2014 hopscotch the most

I wish there could be on week of every year where the old 2014 hopscotch came.


Wow, I don't even remember that much. Your Pixel Peach eventually made it to Featured, didn't it @Giraffedolphin26?


Does anyone remember when this got on featured next to flame draw?


OLD HOPSCOTCH used to have no community!


And... The hopscotch after that I think had Popular, Featured, and Newest.

It was super hard to get featured back then!


Don't you mean fire draw? If so, that was mine!!


Yeah, I remember the good ol' days