Old Video Tutorials



For any of you who would like a quick reference to the old video tutorials:

https://youtu.be/3L8_kqEcjPw Emoji draw
https://youtu.be/BiyfmD9Mgzc Snowflakes
https://youtu.be/F_BswMt4k1o Crossy road
https://youtu.be/hSJ3LDrdibY Flappy bird
https://youtu.be/s3wi_i85xLw Geometry dash
https://youtu.be/d7h2J8BdBZ4 light saber
https://youtu.be/_T0zfpsyDbE How to make a joystick
https://youtu.be/tcpwNKIUciw Fireworks
https://youtu.be/KoSt_tBotwk Scrolling
https://youtu.be/ARNWSTAD-cY Pixel art
https://youtu.be/o7KGPDfs5Nw Art pad

Note that they are not all by THT. If you have a favourite tutorial that you would like me to add, just comment below.

All Pixel artists welcome! Post your creations here!

This is a great topic for anyone that wants to find all the links to the old tutorials!


This is a really cool topic! Thank you for putting this up :wink:


Thanks for this! Since I have not recently been on hopscotch, All of these seem fairly new to me!


OMG!! Everyone should see this!!! I was just thinking of making a topic to show how to make pixel art but no need!! Are you sure THT is okay with this?


I’m pretty sure – these tutorials used to be on the app. Now, they’re on YouTube.