Old Version of Hopscotch


So... My family owns an iPad 1, but we don't use it. So I downloaded Hopscotch one day on that iPad when my iPad was charging, and it WAS THE OLD VERSION OF HOPSCOTCH!!!! I'll post pictures of it once it finishes charging to show you guys what it looks like! There's no community, and it has a few projects like 'Outer Space!' It's really weird and bulky and dull! Look forward to some pictures!


Ugh, I hated the old Hopscotch!! There was no excitement! I love it now though!!


I had another account a while ago.


I hate it too! But I think its really cool if I could compare it, this version of Hopscotch is WAY BETTER than that! Also: Were you GilbertPangolin? @Gilbert189


Yes!!! I was!!! I changed it back a while ago.


Oh! I remember you! Was i Tigerlily? Or was I still Snoopy?


Both. While I followed you a while ago (I still do) you changed twice.


I'm Going To Ask My Mommy If I Can Get An IPad 1 For My Birthday/Halloween


First gen? Wow, I already have one. I have had since 2010, I cannot even download Hopscotch on it!


Oh I have 1st gen as well.


I have both air, 1st gen, second generation, and mini, first gen.
The second generation and mini are sooo laggy and slow.


Where Is The Pictures?


I haven't uploaded them yet. The iPad is still charging. @Pokemon101


That was your name?
Jaw drops
Your iPad is still charging?
Ceiling drops


Nope, haven't even charged it yet! I forgot about this topic, actually! :sweat_smile:


Charge it please


Why are you coming into all my old topics? :D
And I don't even know where that iPad is honestly.
I think I lost an iPad, is that bad?


I hate it berry much! (Sorry for using the word hate but I really "must" use it)