Old thumbnails showing up on new projects, but old projects aren't getting them back (😡)


Starting last tuesday, some new projects have had old thumbnails, the kind when the first object added was a blank text object.

But older projects aren’t getting their thumbnails back (:rage:).

See this project I made a few October’s ago

So now I am sad. @creativecoddr I am sad please tell the legendary senpai of senpainess @Gilbert189 that I am sad now


Is there the bird??? I miss having bird over prohectsj


the bird is gone.
all birds are gone from prohectsj


Ok that’s probably confusing people.


What!!! No!!! Also it’s just Bird


bird: the Hopscotch artists worst enemy


Yeah. But it was funny when it happened to like more famous people.


I have the same problem. I can’t even open my most liked project!


What Hopscotch version does this happen on (what version were the projects uploaded on)?