Old tab on the forum?


Hey ya'll apparently a while ago there was a button by the search thing was a little speech bubble!

What did this do?

Bye, from, the fluffy bear.


Peeps who been around forever!

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I forget everything.
I cri evweytwime!


I know I forgot I remeber seeing it!


Wait wut

Oh, on the forum! I don't think I was around when the speech bubble was there. Sorry!


Oh well I saw it and you were on to greet me!


It was the messaging system
Now it's removed


Why did people remove it?


Why did they remove it??



PMs + Hopscotchers = potential bullyin.g/ personal info shared/ etc.

I don't remember anyways lol


Actually, it used to be the notifications tab. :wink:


I dunno what that thingy was. No idea.


Lol sorry I guessed XD