Old school render (help)



So i am working on a code to make a sunset render with random placed clouds
now i am stuck on how to get my sun to be round instead of triangular (it needs to be a sun and not a pyramid)

anyone a idea on how to achieve this?

here is the hopscotch to check it out and play around with:



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think i got it working

https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/y37nl1aia :slight_smile:


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Also you may wanna make the sun and it's reflection taller to make it more round :wink:

I actually made a similar project called CoSine Sunrise :smiley:


@KVJ awesome... i see you are using set angle .. but how do you add that bottom of device to it?


What bottom of device…?
I'm confused XD

And yeah I used set angle with CoSine (cos and sin)!


that set angle from option


Oh that! That was so the semi-circle/curve would start at the right place :wink:

So it didn't start like / instead it was more _


how did you get it like that .. i only see set angle ... degree as an option

no from bottom of device or so


It's what the block used to look like :wink:
The original was made months ago, and I've been building on it every now and then.
In fact a new project will be out soon that's remixed from this that was originally gonna be a full sun but now will be something else… stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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haha ok ... do you mind if i play around with it ( i think i can add moving sunrays in some way


Sure! That's absolutely fine! I think the title says (or should say) FTU :wink:

Play around! :smiley: