Old People Group


Could I join. I think I have done a lot of contributing to the community. I have also been on here for 2 years.


Yeah sureeee


lil pump




luv is rage 2


lol I got regular
For some weird reason I don’t like it
How do I get rid of it


lol tell people to flag your posts or something


Wait u really don’t like it


Nah, most people from 2016 who are still around today have member so when I got regular I was like “woah okay wasn’t expecting that”



I’m like the only one who has not lost regular since last August.


Am I considered old…?
I miss a lot of people from “generation 1” of the forum…
Edit: “Generation 1” HS Forum…why does this remind me of Pokémon?


You could just turn off the title, that won’t get rid of the badge though.


Yeah you’re old!!
(Haha it sounds like an insult)
And yeah, I guess I’m going to lose it soon anyway since school is starting :(
Great timing as usual



@Smilingsnowflakes and @Pingu there is a spot for you if you ever come back and this still exists.

322 days until i revive this again


Alrighty have fun with that XD

I shall and forever will be old on this forum XD


you have been removed from this group


Why’s that?


because when u click ur profile the old drawing has a little thingy in the middle of the two hair mountain things


You mean, the hair part?

It’s a girl thing, most of us part our hair to one side or the other, or in the middle.


no u drew a thingy in the middle of it