Old People Group


Sure not at this moment though, but I have a few minutes to talk before I have to leave, sorry, my schedule won't be as full next week so we'll definitely have more time next week to plan things out


@hi MianoPan




i really like that channel because there is never clickbait you always see what you want to see


Yeah, like the one about smashing a tower, and the Eiffel Tower was the thumbnail? Boy, I was much happier to see a tower of 7 Jenga blocks be knocked down. That was quality content.


I'm robbin', ski maskin'


@Potter_Head should be in this

Adaliade was frens with magmapop

She's old school lol




diamonds got the flu try not to catch this


shes inactive



There in vacation and they don't have wifi so yeee


They're on vacation

not there


bye i have confidential things to attend to
@snoopy last name hendrix but are you Jimi?


Sorry but what


That's wat I meant lol


Can't we still do the contests without an official group that t1 makes




Reviving this in a year or so old people don’t leave


I joined hopscoth in 2015, can i be in this grp