Old People Group



I want in haha


U r #1 on the backup list so it depends


What does that mean??.????


If someone doesn't join from the list above then the space is yours



sboppy and I came up with a "riddle puzzle"

So basically it's like a riddle after another on hopscotch or the app

For example

A clue given on the forum to start;

The answer is the diving game by creations of a noob

Then there would be something in coan's game that is the clue for something else

Then keep going until idk

Probably would work on the forum better

I can explain sorry if this sounds really weird

So you have any ideas


Yeah, I actually did one of those at one point! I like that idea.



Do you want to do a big one or do you have an idea

Idk it has to be something peeps enjoy


Not sure, I'll think about it.


How did u do it when U did it


Cringe, but whatever.


Who is for sure in right now


OHH sboppy is me with a typo
Sorry I got confused like who's sboppy




just @CreationsOfaNoob and @Rawrbear now


..did you forget KVJ again
And how long are we going to wait for yes's to roll in before bringing in the wait list


Can I join? I've been on the forum longer than some of the people already in the group as well, december 2015 times were amazing


no, he said yea already


we can start now i guess cause xiaomiaomis on vacation

and 2 people are in queue


but why is there a certain amount of people allowed???


we were originally gonna use the ppl in summer16 but thats 40 peeps and its too many people