Old People Group



So @Snoopy and I wanted to make a group with old people in it, and we have recruited some people to join.


@Smilingsnowflakes and @Pingu there is a spot for you if you ever come back and this still exists.

You have been invited, reply if you want to join OLD PEOPLE GROUP.

If we have enough people, I was thinking about planning more hopscotch /forum mini games and other stuff.

You don't need a lot of time to join OLD PEOPLE GROUP, just some basic contributing on the forum and you're all set.



Maybe you can misunderstand the name and think that you're old irl.


So I joined april 2016, does that mean I'm applicable to join the OPG?


Well, I joined the forum april 2016, I joined hs, um... december 2015 maybe???


We have sent out the invitations so if someone declines we will invite another. I'll put you on the back up list but I can't be 100% sure you'll get in.


I have joined the forum in June 2016 (@FruityCat) and Hopscotch in late 2014... I don't feel old, though.


Alright. So, there's a set # of people then?




Got it. I'll keep an eye out. Kind of depressing how a lot of the older members of the forum keep leaving. :/




@Kvj lol hi


Just processed that ur name is onceuponatime like in a fairly tale


hi lol @OnceUponATime


yup xD
Though my thought process at the time was really just-
"Oh! I like that show!"


What on earth is your profile picture supposed to be? :0
i'm surprised nobody's asked that of mine xD


Its s-sup-p-p-posed to b-b-b-be a gif :sob:


Hello Professor Quirell


Darn it, @CatWithABrush beat me to it!
You have a thing for emoji profile pics XD


Snape is annoying. Still at least Albus doesnt suspect me...


hem in

Book seven, chapter somethingsomething: The Prince's Tale

"Keep an eye on Quirrel, won't you?"

Albus VERY much suspects Quirrel. Snape's memories proves it.

hem out