Old Memories to write



I think we've all had those days when we remember something totally random, from a while ago.

I want to just say them, with really know reason why. I don't want to be off topic, or seem like a total maniac just saying that memory in a random topic. So please, write them here. I love thinking about them, hearing them, replaying that moment. So please, write those old memories here! :smiley:

Please stay on topic, and keep your memories related to Hopscotch and the forum. :slight_smile:


I just liked this topic... Is that a memory?


@Sparkczy, I remember when...

I remember helping you with your Claw Machine. It got on trending. You were happy, except you promised prizes and had to do a ton. I asked what your Hopscotch name was, and I followed you. Then a couple days later, you got featured with your Wierd Concepts project. I don't know why I remember that. Do you?


@SmilingSnowflakes what is going on? Lol I think I just saw you delete a post or something


@Rawrbear I remember when we had a conversation about learning Russian, and Doulingo, on the lonely crew topic! :D

I remembered it yesterday, or the day before! :D
^ Why do I remember when I remembered? O_o ^


I remember reporting my first bug in Hopscotch Beta...Does that count as random?




I remember Rawrbear called me a slow typer even though I just had nothing to say XD

I got regular in September and had absolutely 0 idea of what it meant, but I just went with it :P


That's a good one! I only got regular like a month ago, it's not really an old memory to me :P


I remembered when I published my first project! :D

I was super excited! :D

A few months after that, I published a lot of projects, and felt the same way...


I also remember when I created a new account, and @PopTart0219 said she was following both.
^ I don't know why I remember that, but I do. ^


I remember when I had just joined the forum, and discovered the drawing topic..... During a bot war. XD


I remember I got locked out of my old Hopscofch account :stuck_out_tongue:
Wasn't doing much then anyways.


I remember getting locked out of the forum, and the I forgot my password button wouldn't work! :stuck_out_tongue: I was really sad, and I emailed Ian like 5 times :joy: I was really anxious, sorry @Ian! They probably thought of me of that annoying kid who won't stop emailing about a password! :laughing:


XD I remember doing that one update with log ins and I lost my account and got really mad so i sent them like 20 emails about my account and stuff... but then i just made a new account with a new start and got my first feature in a week :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
(back in 2013-2014 200-300 were like the max featured likes :stuck_out_tongue: )


I remember when I couldn't go into my profile (where you access your drafts).

I really liked making pixel art, so not being able to access my drafts was really difficult.... '^-^

I remember publishing a lot of in-progress projects, since I couldn't access my profile, I had to publish a project when I needed to stop working on it.

I emailed the hopscotch team, and @Ian responded. :D


<3 for everyone!
I remember just adding the divide operation without changing the numbers, just adding more and more of them when making the twisting of a part in my first trail art….
Wow, I was such a noob….
I'm still a noob….
I also remember just posting <1 post a day for the first month I was on the forum….
I was even suprised at posting a whopping 3 posts on one day….


You never really remember when you did something. Your remembering the last time you remembered if that makes sense. Idk i read that somewhere xD


Remember that feeling you used to get when you first started HS and were like YIPPEE LETS GO WORK ON A PROJECT IM SO EXITED!!! YAY YAY! And now your like ugh lets go do make a game...




Sometimes im like that, depends on what im doing. It gets really boring when you are trying tons of different code, but then you finally get it right and scream and run across the room xD