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Here is my general topic! This is where you can talk to me, and see project droppings!!!




Collab People

@PixelPlay (no forum account)
@CloudyCodingStudios (no forum account)
@TheCottonZookeeper (no forum account)

Favorite Hopscotchers




Ahoy, matey! Arrrrrrrrrr


Hoi. I think I've seen you on the app... I'm not sure. Have I?


Ahoy @Petrichor!


so my HS username is NeonPuppy413 @FearlessPhoenix!


I'm your Senpai??? Yayayayayaya! :tada::tada::tada: Thank You!


I see you @Petrichor


Aye, you do, matey. Arrrrrr!


SorI'ooheartsfutmry :heart::heart::heart:


Ibomatdyket. Arrrrrrrr


Arrrrr! You keep changin ye profile pictuarrrrrr!


Aye. This be an old one from long ago.




Yeah of course @KiraForPrez!


Hello @laser_eyed_puppy! How are you?


I'm good how are you Dolphy? (lol Dolphy is in my auto correct)