Old hopscotch back


See, anonymous and second most popular coder on hopscotch magmaPOP quit because of this update, and youre just standing there saying "w0t?" We say these things like we love the new update, and we quit a few months later because of it.


Anon didn't have the update and I think Magma had a school iPad...


I don't believe that! I said a few months ago I like the update, and I'm still here! :)

Also, Anon was going to be a lot less active, not leaving. And he left because of other reasons.


Magma didnt use a school ipad, he got one for his birthday and used that and then waw this is much different and then i quit


See, this is what i said, trying to stay positive, it won't work


How do you know he quit because of the update, then?


He installed on his new ipad and quit because its so different


@Anonymous there's an argument going on because of people thinking you rage quit Hopscotch lmbo


What? I didnt say he rage quit... I just... Nevermind, lets just have anonymous tell us.


Rage quit as in raged because of how the new update works :stuck_out_tongue:


Idk how to use the update helpppp


No it's because I was bored also summer also it's not letting me sign back in so,ya


I can type up some stuff about it but I'll do it when I get my iPad


The last three updates are the best ever.


@Yellow_Mellow, how do you know MagmaPOP quite becuase of the new update? Proof?



I agree, you shouldn't jump to conclusions @Yellow_Mellow :)


The update was not even out.

I do wish there was an option for the old one, but now I kinda like it and I simply
*drum roll
dont care!


She assumed that and i guess that's ok

The phone version was out and I did hear that his iPad was taken away


Yeah, but she's saying it like she knows for sure. :slight_smile:


Wait not really

she is just assuming that, I would assume that she did not say that as a confirmed statement