Old Custom Blocks Aren’t Compatible with Parameters when Updating to 2.0

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Your username: Tri-Angle’s FTU Projects

What kind of device are you using?: (Also include iOS version, and Hopscotch version) iPadOS14thing, iPad 6th gen, newest Hopscotch.

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was editing an old ability to make it support parameters when i noticed the local var wasn’t passing the data

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Go in a project created before Hopscotch added parameters;
  2. Edit a custom ability to make it support parameters;
  3. Pass a data;
  4. Show the data with, eg, Set Text block.

I expected this to happen: Data is correctly passed

But instead this happened: Data isn’t passed at all - the parameter is completely ignored

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


This works as intended. The project you are showing is using player 1.5.x, which are using the old custom rules and abilities (as in how they used to function). You must update the project to the latest player version (2.0.x) for them to work the way you wanted them to.

The real bug in this case is that the menu for adding new custom blocks is showing in older projects.


the project i’m showing is indeed using 1.5, but the draft where i found the bug is using 2.0 and the parameter is ignored too.


Alternate Title: “Custom blocks don’t update correctly when updating to player 2.0”

You are sure you updated the draft, right?

I guess you found the cause of why nothing was working in your project… very strange bug, nonetheless.

Maybe try making new custom rules/abilities (not just edit), and drag the blocks inside the old into the new, and see if that works (no guarantees tho). If not, you are out of luck for a while.


yes :+1:

okay, thx, i’ll try this tonight

forgot to reply after i changed the topic title lol


and this happened
custom abilities still don’t support parameter


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You don’t need to tag t1 every time you bump the topic.

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i need t1’s help because i cannot code (in that specific draft)

and wdym by every time lol, i only bumped once

Preferably it would be ideal to be able to update old projects to use custom abilities with parameters, but I do know that this might be a case we may not optimise for (though I will have to check again). I also unfortunately can’t guarantee that we will fix bugs in time for people to work on projects.


@Tri-Angle so unfortunately we’re not going to implement compatibility for older drafts with the new parameters with abilities, but you can update your projects if you wish.


okay :(( thanks for the answers :))

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@Crosbyman64 @Spy_Guy_96 @Yuanyuan @t1_hopscotch this bug brakes my word search generator when updated to the latest player! @Tri-Angle you can test to see if I’m right or if it’s another bug if you want. Link to word search generator in latest player:

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(you don’t need to update it to the latest player, even if you want to use parameters)


I didn’t know that.


you want to use parameters right?
old drafts will not work, you’d need to copy all your code to a brand new draft to make it to work


Not really I just thought that this bug might affect my word search generator and not just platformers.


if your draft works before being updated to newest player, you don’t need to update it


Ok also I just noticed a bug when using a with/highte grater then 10. Just make a word search that’s 15x15 and then wait a bit after it generates to see the bug. I think I will need help fixing it as I unfortunately don’t hyper focus on hopscotch anymore @Tri-Angle.

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Ironically, your issue has nothing to do with block execution speed / delay. Old custom abilities and rules simply break down when the project is updated to the latest player.

The way you did your coding, it might be really hard to resolve an issue that occur with widths/heights that are greater than 10x10.