Old coding layout


Okay, so, recently there has been updates on Hopscotch including a new coding layout. I know some of us out there probably think it's better, but some people honestly don't like it, let's agree on that.

Well, since 50/50 are our odds, why not add the old layout back into the HS community for the people who want to have it back, BUT...

We can also keep the new layout for those who enjoy that layout better! It's win-win!

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I agree 100% but that would be very hard for the THT to code it in


It's a coding game, they should know how to code :wink:


I know, but it would take some time to edit everything and add completely new things. Hopscotch might crash...


I think you could one thing set the positions of the buttons with value (if we are talking about HS terms), One as old one as new. Then somehow let it drag instead of just clicking it? I don't know, but I'm sure they can figure it out. @Liza


Personally, I think the old layout was easier, but this one provides more opportunity and gives you more abilities, it's also faster, once you get used to it. My advice for everyone: before you say, "I can't code with this," give it a chance, code very often for a week and try to get used to it, then decide.


The "new" channel design is pretty similar to what it was like in early '15??

Which is pretty cool to me


Yes, but in 2015, there were way too many channels!


Mm, yeah i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The old layout is impossible for iPhone users and having both basically means two Hopscotchs, or two products, which THT said they didn't want. They want one HS.

I personally find this way better.


There are reasons why it was removed. Besides, the new one is more efficient.


Wait, there is a new layout already? Or are you talking about the update a few months ago, in which case there are many duplicate topics which explain why this is a bad idea.


No, I mean the recent one, and I would like a link or post explaining why :slight_smile:.


It'd be nice if you could explain them :smiley:


Ok. So they had the old one, and the iPhone one. Two editors. So they had put new blocks and objects in BOTH. So they took longer to add stuff. And the iPhone editor was more efficient and the other one wouldn't work in le iPhone well. Idk if that's tht's reasons(from and the iPhone editor not everything befor that) but that's about it. I was used to it when it came out because I've been voting on the iPhone as long as possible. Just use it for 24 hours and you'll get it. (Not without breaks)


Already been and did that. It's still confusing, and it's hard to get used to ;/


I agree! Just asking, does this mean the old editor?


Yeah, I just like saying coding layout better.


I liked the old editor! It was way better!


Totally... I dun know how people use this new one ;-;