Old character and new character confusion


I'm sorta confused on one thing in the latest update: The new avatars. I don't get if whether you can use old characters after getting new characters. Or are the new characters just a picture for another character? Confused 🤔


If you change your character from old to new, you won't be able to go back to your old characters, since they are outdated.


Ok @MobCraft this is a really good question. I will try and answer it as well as my little mind can. So really all that is happening is that people who have the update are getting their new characters but people with elder versions still have the original. So it's like the usual but with a few extra profile pictures, I also screamed and did a funky dance when I got the update. My Mum had to tell me to keep quiet


Gosh darn it... FILLER TEXT


Let me explain: Characters and Avatars are different things. Characters are the ones that you can use while making a project. And now we have Shapes, too! Which I think is cool :smile:

Avatars, on the other hand, are the images you can use in your Profile inside Hopscotch, the one that you feel more identified with.

The characters are available when making projects. Avatars, on the other hand, were updated.

You can stay with the old avatar, but if you change to one of the new ones, you won't be able to go back.


What your username in hopscotch I'm searching you up (I don't use "u" or "r" I spell)


He means avatar, why would he be complaining about the characters? :yum:


@Rawrbear it is still nice he is trying to help out though


@Rodrigo, in the next update, can you bring the old avatars back? It would be nice for those who would like them back.


I'll talk with the team. It's complicated. Do you like the New Avatars?


Yeah, I do, but I agree with @Kiwicute2015, it would be nice to have the option of both sets. If that's too difficult, it's ok.


I haven't changed yet because I like raccoon, and that's how many Hopscotchers recognize me, but I'm considering to change, but if I don't like it, I would like to change back to raccoon.

Also, another thing I don't like about the new update is that after you play a draft and exit out, it brings you to the "see code" place, and I find that quite annoying and useless.