OLD • Bluedogmc's general topic! Polls! QandA! Fun!



This is my new general topic! My old one is inactive, lost, and a jumbled mess.

Anyway, ask questions! I will also put project updates, announcement, stuff like that.

Current announcement:

I'm working out dates with my parents and Liza to visit THT!


Summons @tankt2016 and I'd have gotten first like


Lol... I once answered all of the questions, then accidentally deleted abunch! Idk if I will answer them all!


Hai senpai! @bluedogmc-official

From my experience from meeting THT you are going to have an amazing time!


I sure you can. I did the whole list twice out of boredom :joy:


People meeting THT and we Brits like: awww


Thanks! I can't wait. What was your favorite part about visiting?



You never know wh you may be going to a vacation in NYC in mid town Manhattan :D
It's possible!!!!


Possible != probable –___—


My favorite part was... I dunno, coding with kewl version of hopscotch :stuck_out_tongue: with Rodrigo :D


Sweet! I can't wait!


They gave me chocolate :stuck_out_tongue: and stickers! I hope you get some too!
I look back on my trip and I was so awkward XD don't be nervous pls :D @bluedogmc-official


Awesome! Idk when I'm going, I hope soon!

Quick poll for anyone to answer:
(This is just for fun, I won't be mad at any results!)

  • Bluedogmc is a good coder
  • Bluedogmc is a ok coder



I hope you go soon too!

NYC is really loud :stuck_out_tongue: and crowded, but I laik it a lot!
I couldn't live their tho XD

To crowded :0


Lol! I've been to NYC before, but never to THT headquarters! I'm nervous and exited to meet @Liza and the hopscotch team!


How did you find Hopscotch?

When did you join Hopscotch?

When did you join the Forum?

Do you follow me?


I honestly don't know! I just kinda saw it and downloaded it.

Sometime around Christmas I think in 2015!

December 30, 2015!

I'm pretty sure!

Thanks for the questions! Gtg soon, so I might not reply for awhile!


Kewl! When I went to meet THT that was my first time :0

Dun be nervous pls.
I went their and was a nervous/excited wreck and I acted really awkwardly :000 XD

Liza is very super nice!!!! :DDDD
so is Rodrigo! And the rest of the team! :D


I love your hopscotch account projects. There awesome! Pixel art!

  • Bluedogmc is my role model
  • I don't look up to Bluedogmc
  • Bluedogmc is not a good role model or person


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