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Hi Hopscotch!
@Maltese what is your dog called?

really off topic


My dog's name is Buddy :DD


I love Maltese's! My sister's friend has one called Lola!


Cool! :smile:

Omg I just finished a line of code




@Maltese hahahahahaha


Random poll:

  • Coding
  • Art


Votes are public.



I need a 'both' option XD


Thank you so much ;u;

School starts for me in 2 weeks! ;-;
I'm working in, character color calligraphy pad! My new thingy XD


I'm your senpai?!???!
Right now I'm working on assorted pixel arts. I'm procrastinating at the moment so.....
School stars in four weeks! Lucky me! I've already started studying though, cause I try really hard and I get really good grades.


You lucky duck XD


It's been two whole hours and I'm still in shock that I'm someones senpai.....


Why did you choose your Hopscotch name?



Of course you would be someone's (including my) senpai lol

You're really inspiring. :DD


Malty.....said.....I was....... an inspiring.......senpai​:flushed::flushed::scream::scream:

I gave you a shoutout in my bio because that's how swaggy you are!!!



i'm pretty sure that's what I said yep that's what I said


Idk, I just kind of always had the nickname bluedog!


The first person that guesses this emoji will get a shoutout in my next project!

The first hint...

This emoji is used a lot in the forums, some people say that it is over used

I'm going to bed soon, so I may be off. Tomorrow I will announce the winner if I'm not up!


The wink emoji??

This one? XD (:wink:)

I don't need a shoutout tho I'm just really bored XD


The winking emoji!
EDIT: Oh, Malty beat me. :frowning:


Nuuuu it's ok I'll change my answer shh

Edit: nvm XD