OLD • Bdmcs general topic


This is my everything topic!


  • Ask me questions :thinking:

  • I might ask you guys questions :sunglasses:

  • have fun (please stay on topic tho!) :hugging:

  • I might also have little mini forum games and challenges in this, (all hopscotch related!) :money_mouth:

  • I might tag people to talk to them :relieved:

  • anouncments :innocent:

So yah! Have fun!

This is kind of my new general topic, but i will not make more updated ones. This is my one and only general topic now!




I'm not going to remix anymore on hopscotch, only on my bluedogmc+ account!



You guys are all my senpais! So.. What are you working on right now? When does school start for you guys?


Hi, senpai! :DD

I'm working at PE full-time at the moment

School starts for me next week D:


Cool! :smile:



I'm working on a Zootopia pixel art and a trail art of the Apple calculator (maybe I'll make it work. :0). School starts in August 22 for me. I'll be a little less active, because I'm going to work harder this school year. :+1:


Yo did remix?

Anyway I love your projects!



Anyway, thanks!


Yeah! School starts tomorrow for me. I always work hard. XD.



I meant you did remix projects?


I used to remix on my account, now I only remix on my bluedogmc+ account!


The pixel art will be awesome!


Yeah, me too. XD

Last year I made all As, but this year I'm going to try to make all A+s. :sunglasses:



those 94s will always haunt me tho


This coming from the girl who claims she isn't smart. :laughing:


Yup! Go intellection!

I make a lot of A+ or As


Lol :joy:

I love your title!


Wot? Or course she is. I'm pretty sure you're smart too and all the leaders and mods, you have to be smart to have that job.


I think everyone here is smart in there own way! Coding is hard to do and every coder here has to be smart to code!:smiley:


Okay, I get As on the assignments my teachers give me, but that doesn't mean I know a lot. XD

Do you know the first thing they "taught" us in fifth grade? Multiplying decimals. Multiplying decimals in an Advanced fifth grade class. Our teachers are always like, "NOPE. You shouldn't get ahead of the class. Then I have nothing to teach you!" But they teach really s..l...o.....w........l.......y.

Sorry @bluedogmc-official! I'll get back on topic now.