Old Accounts and Nostalgia



Have you been on hopscotch for a while?
Have you had different accounts during the last 2 years?
Do you remember the names of it/them?
If you've answered yes to all of these questions, I'm inviting you to show us your old accounts and
See how much you've improved
See if you know anybody from your old accounts
Have Fun!
Example: today I found out that @iReesesCup and I used to be friends 1 year ago on different accounts


(Not trying to be mean)


Well, @Snoopy knew me from when I was "GilbertPangolin:tiger:" a while ago.


Why :stuck_out_tongue: Oh because your anonymity


@Follow4LikesOfficial, I would probably be one of the only people who would recognize your other account.


? What do you mean 200/0/0/0


Okay, I really want to know!!!!!!! Did I follow you?


No :sweat:


Brb I'm going to email THT if I can delete my other account cuz I don't use it anymore


That's not even an old account xD


Can you give me a riddle to find one of your featured projects? (Technically this is not off topic.)



"It was on featured

The end


Lewl here's my old account (ChocolateDrawings:chocolate_bar::doughnut: and SylveonTheGreat:chocolate_bar:)

Meh old account


Not a riddle


I called that response.


Now it is


Ok from now on I will not answer any identity questions

Nope, 0
Unless it's from THT


Okay. Anyway, anyone know me from the name "GilbertPangolin"?


Why are you so secretive on your account? Did you have haters :o


I forget my old old account I have huggingfluffybear xmas which I never used huggingfluffybear 2 which I use a lot and huggingfluffybear which I kinda use!