Okay, Who's Moderating? [We Need ActIve Leaders ASAP]


Sorry about that. That's when I didn't know I had AMI :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, he probably doesn't anymore. That was 4-5 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

(PM me if you're curious Gilbert, if you can)


Please don't get my topic closed :frowning:


Delete your post, please.


student loans


Let's get back on topic and not gossip, please.


was it bas? he's very feminine sometimes


No I'm not saying lol


That's why I said BOT twice already :stuck_out_tongue:


BOT means Back On Topic, so back on topic please :confused:


@Hoodie_Monster thx for deleting my post


LGOT Everyone!


@Rawrbear do we have a specific list of leaders.

Well anyways, I want to become a leader. I know that I don't have regular, but I had it before and I'm also a pretty old hopscotcher on forums and on the app


i didn't delete ur post.


You moved my post nowhere :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn't either.





I've gotten a ton of flags that we would've killed in the past day. At this rate I'm going to be member


how'd you know? but, member seems just as fun as reg.


wait you have a class

ur 13 bro