Okay, Who's Moderating? [We Need ActIve Leaders ASAP]



This new moderation isn't working. Forum drama is starting up again, since no one is moderating this forum very well. BAS and the rest of the old leaders would normally close or delete 3-5 topics or posts a day that would potentially start a flame war, but it's happening again. I think the forum is losing control, and it's almost as chaotic as it was a few 3-7 months ago. :frowning:

I think we need the old leaders back. THT can't moderate 24(/12-16)/7 like the leaders did, and like I said, the forum is veering off to an apocalyptic path and future.

I believe that if we do get the old leaders back, they should at least have some ground rules, for example:

  • No useless leader accounts. Why do you need them, anyway? They're useless accounts that clog up the leader account section, and I personally don't find any of them funny (except for @Hoodie_Monster :stuck_out_tongue:, but that account obviously didn't deserve the badge). If they do deserve a badge, it's not leader, it's regular.
  • No making PMs for people, even yourselves. Simply Liza said not to, so don't, not even for leader communication. No talking privately, in a nutshell.
  • No doing anything that abuses your badge, even if it doesn't hurt anyone. This is basically the big picture of what I'm talking about.

And if they do want adults to moderate, why not hire people to do it? It's probably definitely a legit job, even though I haven't looked into it much!

Do you agree?

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Okay, Who's Moderating? [We Need Active Leaders ASAP] v2

oops. I FEEL SO EMBARSSED. But We need to bring to leaders BACK. IS WHAT I'm Thinking #bringleadersback


Actually, did you read this topic? It should help you get the point of this topic :slight_smile:


Highly agreed @rawrbear! I was thinking this too


If we flag one certain post a few times, we can hide it an close the topic. That's like the only good thing system is doing.


That is not the same at all XD


I agree soooooooo much I can't even explain.

No matter who they repromote or promote it will be better then none.

For example, if a post is off topic and it gets flagged, the topic can get closed for no reason.



Yea, we need to get back to the point of this website

talking about hopscotch


Those are good rules/guidelines for being a Leader/Moderator, and I agree with them. Everyone needs to follow the rules no matter what trust level they are. I'm not completly sure if the Hopscotch team would agree, though. I think that they're just being cautious by moderating the forum themselves, because kids make mistakes and we're not completly mature yet. I can't blame them if they don't trust us very much. Being Leader was a great experience for me, but I'm perfectly fine with being a Regular. I can help others and solve problems at any trust level. :smiley:

Flagging posts is a good way to moderate ourselves, but sometimes people flag posts that aren't flag-worthy, and a topic can get closed for no reason. There are also many duplicate topics that can't be merged without the Hopscotch team being more active. I feel as if more time needs to be dedicated to the Hopscotch forum. If the Hopscotch does spend more time on their forum, then the app won't be improving as quickly as it could be. It's the opposite of a win-win, in my opinion. :frowning:

The Hopscotch Dark Age

But then if the person that was flagged was innocent, they'd have a flag on their account. This is a better solution, anyway. :slight_smile:


I agree, I've seen a few topics that I could've closed. I don't want to seem all selfish, but if I were given the option to be promoted again, I'd take it and become more active. I'm trying my best to help right now, but asking people if they'd like me to close has become so mechanical that I feel like I can't do anything.


The problem here is that there's no one moderating. If we have no leaders, the forum is going to turn into an apocalyptic mesh like it was once before. :slight_smile:


Agreed 100%. :slight_smile:




It's not right now, but once people realize that it's way more lenient in the moderating aspect of the forum, it'll get a lot harder.


@TheGreenBanana, why do you disagree? I'd like to her your point of view on this.


Here, let's try and seal a deal with THT. If we can go a week without flame wars, we don't need leaders. If we can not go a week without flame wars, we need leaders. But don't go the in fact to start a bunch of flame wars, guys.


I think we should bring leaders back but it doesn't need to be the old leaders. Maybe they should give some new kids a chance ( like me XD)
And I think leaders should be able to have pms because they need to talk about stuff that regs and below aren't allowed to hear




Why's that? Are you saying that we don't need leaders? :thinking: