Okay...this may lead to me half quiting



I have a ton of my role models are quitting or going for a while so they m taking a break but just ON HOPSCOTCH! Im staying here I might still do collab im already in just looking at account for something wait till next week YES there will be collab projects on my profile if we dont have a second acc


Yeah, it's pretty sad. I'll be here for you!


We have your back. We can help you through all of your troubles, and we support you all the way! Please, do not quit. I wrote an essay about it, and I might put it in a topic. I support you! :smile:

Gives you internet hug and potatoe


Yes im just really mad at bullies im just waiting for a week for a break maybe for there to be less bullies


Yeah, but you won't really be able to Collab with leaving Hopscotch, guess your amazing team on H.M.M. is going to lose you…



Nope I cant leave them..its impossible for me to leave a great team..


AHHHHHHHH!!!! Please no!!!!! There are some of your role models left I bet! Please dotpnt quit! What about the fluffy bear games?


Calm its like a week quit I said all things like collab and stuff like that im still in ok @Huggingfluffybear