Okay, So yea.. Its True



Okay, so I checked my email today and saw at least 20 saying why did you leave, please come back. I left for a reason..
I was to addicted to hopscotch. And i needed a break. I also felt like to much hate and drama came back to me. Please do not say please stay. I need to leave. I promise I will be back... Someday.
I will be on for about 30 minutes to go through my notifications and answer any questions, or just say goodbye to some people.
Please. No drama, fighting, or accusing on this topic. I want my last topic for a while to be friendly.


Bye.. ;-;
I will miss you a lot
You were very inspiring.
Have a nice day!Week!
Bai :slight_smile:


I don't know much about you but you seem cool so have a good rest your life and goodbye :frowning: we'll miss you


It's great to see you again Snowy! :smile:

Have a good life, bye. ;-;

Goodbye, my friend. ;-;


You used to be one of my closest HS friends. It's a shame today's incident, and the previous ones had to happen. Goodbye, SGS.


Goodbye @smishsmash i will miss you as well.
@EmmabugOnTheForum I bet your cool as well!
@Dude73, Goodbye my friend. ;-;
@CreativeCoder, Goodbye, but what do you mean?


You know what I mean.

I'll miss you. Bye.


I'll miss you too but I am honestly confused.
But if you don't want to say i'll drop it.


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Holds out hand while being dragged away from topic

Starts to cry

goodbye @SnowGirl_Studios! You were an awesome Coder, Hopscotcher, former, friend.

best wishes! Have an awesome life :D


I'm pretty sure you know what she means.

Goodbye, my friend.


I'll miss you! :D


@Intellection74 and @smishsmash Goodbye! I'll miss you a lot.

@Dude73 i'm honestly really confused.. but i think i don't even want to know.

Goodbye my rawrybeawy. I'll miss you @Rawrbear


The feels. ;-;


Same ;-;

Gives everyone some chill food.
I think we need it.

Chill store
chill sandwich
chill cookie
chill potato
chill cake
chill bag of chips


Goodbye, @SnowGirl_Studios. ;-;

I loved your projects. :)

Best wishes, and have an awesome life! :D


Okay I guess I'll never see you again :sob::sob:
Have a nice rest of your life
Not meant to be offensive


Goodbye, my coding partner. I'm finiding myself a new one!


I will be coming back... but it depends if hate and drama against me stops.
I'll miss you.


Goodbye @EnchantedAnimallover