Okay, I needed that. I'm back


I'm going to live in NYC. I'm have too many (outside of hopscotch) projects started. I'm starting to get really fed up with the community. I'm just stressed out. Bye, for now.


Bye! Have fun in NYC! Maybe you can go to hopscotch studios!


Bye! I hope all your stress is gone later. Everybody gets stressed out, so we can always give them a break from Hopscotch or the forum! Have a great time in New York City :D


Bye! But in the game we have to maybe put in a loading screen, I donno, but bye!


Don't we have someone else for that..?


Well bye, hopefully you have fun in NYC. Also hopefully you can calm yourself down.


Have fun in NYC! I love it there


I totally get it

Sorry you feel that way


R you going to Grand Central Tech?(Hopscotch offices).


I live in NYC! That's so cool!


Me too! :smile:

I just thought it was cool there was a Hopscotcher in my city :D


I needed that day break to cool off. I'm back now.