Okay I’m sorry for making a new topic but it’s important


So guys Some people can’t see my projects, and I can’t see some of others projects. It’s been going on for a long time but everyone could see mine I just couldn’t see there’s unless they remixed my project.


Can you give a screenshot as an example? I’m not sure I understand.


Here you go I can’t see projects from over 30 minuets who from her


Okay Guys this is serious how is anyone gonna get a like or even a play of no one can see their projects. We need to do something @Liza we need you help


Your project might be stuck in the filter. Maybe you have written words like “chat” or “adres(s)” in the project? Here is an explanation about “the filter”:

If not, just tag me again and I will help you You can try sending an email to The Hopscotch Team at help@gethopscotch.com :slight_smile:


It’s not filtered because the same projects, people saw yesterday they can’t see today. But thank you, it’ll be nice to email the hopscotch team for me @William04GamerA


Okay, weird.

That´s probably the best thing to do, and I am sure that they can help you! :slight_smile:


Well not with everything. Like trending (RIP trending) anyways I hope they can help. They’ll probably say it’s a glitch


You might’ve been banned.


I don’t think they would not let you see something if you were banned…


Ong i remember trending ;o; stone age


Lol yep the Stone Age


How can I get banned? Also it happened to people who did really nothing.


Its called the filter.


But how can projects people seen yesterday they can’t see today? That can’t be the filter.


It’s getting reported
Oh and by the way are you “Anaya cool girl” or whatever she calls herself?


Oh wait you are Anaya
Well hello then, I have a question, those anyone remember me?


Why are you asking? She might blow up at you again.


Last time I thought I was her friend, I don’t remember anymore with these people


Do you remember when she got annoyed with you?