Okay I’m just doing self advertising


Hi guys I haven’t made a new topic in a while (which is good I think) anyways a just made something it’s basically when I go into hopscotch and how it looks it’s called “I made this!!!”. I’m gonna keep working on it this is just my “draft” in a way. Btw my account is Girly🏀player


I like your project! :smile: In the future, you can link your project in your post, so that everybody can easily find it! Here’s a post that explains how to do that: Nominations for Featured 2!


Thank you for the tip. Also thank you so much for following me that means a lot to me :hugs:.


Lol u made her freak out :P


No problem, thanks for following me too! :smiley:


Well, it’s nothing for me to follow people. It’s Just YOU followed me is just amazing.


This is to Whom may concern I fixed the game I was talking about now you can go through the drafts,published, and the notifications. Here’s a link to it https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/zbn03fdt7


Oooo nice did you post on your account? I really want to see it but I can’t right now…I’m on my kindle!


Yes I did post it on my account. I’m sorry for the late reply I was at my basketball practice.


Oh its ok cool imma check it out!


Thank you. I know it’ll probably not get far but imma keep working on it!


That project is cool, especially for being a draft! I would also recommend the topic that @SmileyAlyssa posted for nominating projects for Featured, you are allowed to nominate your own projects over there.


Can you send me a link of the topic she made please. And thank you for telling me!


Sure! Here is a link: https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/nominations-for-featured-2/41711?u=william04gamera